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Step in and immerse yourself in a European springtime dream

Crisp white, blue and exposed-brick walls, adorned with blossoms leading up towards the ceiling where more floral arrangements hang delicately, will make you feel like you're in an off-track cafe in London or Paris. Flavours of the world are brought together by chef James Woo, who has created a diverse all-day breakfast and lunch menu, available seven days. With Veneziano's Elevate coffee blend, you can opt for an intense robust blend to match your mood or meal. Take a sip and a bite, relax and enjoy a temporary, blissful escape.


Only the freshest

The Bloom Room Cafe stands by using only the freshest ingredients to provide you with the finest dining possible. With fresh ingredients sourced daily from responsible local suppliers, you can be assured of the crispest crunch, most sumptuous savoury servings and tastiest treats during every visit! 

Host your special event

Whatever the occasion - make it special

Whether it's Mother's Day, a birthday or just any other day, why not enjoy a celebration at The Bloom Room Cafe? We can cater to all needs, from small groups to large parties, and can offer menu options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. To celebrate that special occasion with a beautiful breakfast or lunch, call now to make a booking!

The Weekend Edition

“The Boom Room Cafe is a charming flower-adorned locale, with a menu of Instagram-worthy eats, colourful beverages and a manicured fit-out to match, Birkdale’s blossom is more than just a horticulturalist’s dream hideaway...”

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